Cold Chain Logistics Service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Cold chain logistics service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor often refers to a temperature controlled supply chain which is able to offer uninterrupted temperature sensitive control and conditions services in order to maintain freshness of the items from the point of slaughter and go through the network and distribution supply chain to the consumer at the end location.

A good work management and trustable cold chain truck and logistic company in cities will include the details of upfront policy and regulatory program and procedures to pay attention and make sure their cold room warehouses and refrigerated trucks that they purchase are always in good condition in months. Also, safety is important during export and import shipping, therefore regular maintenance for vehicles are our basic compliance.

This will confirm that all the relevant export and import shipment for perishable packaging content, healthcare or pharma medicines are safe and with high quality as sales teams sell in retail and at the point of consumption by the consumers.

So it is highly important for trading companies to always keep their product at the controlled temperatures preferably to avoid any negative attributes to the items such as discolouring, textural degradation, slow down contamination with microbial growth etc in their physical warehouse and cargo.

Our cold chain logistic and transport organization will lead the process, offers on time freight solution and improve their monitoring systems constantly for end-to-end to ensure the proper placement and to preserve the freshness of some cargo items that includes frozen food such as meat, agricultural products such as vegetables from Cameron Highlands, dairy, chilled pharmaceutical, medical, clinical products and other materials during the moving transition along the transport channel. They will hire staff with expertise in management, handling and ensuring the proper refrigeration and transportation activities.

Unlike other non cold chain products category, the main key for cold chain items that always need to be stored in a low limited range of cooling environment during preparation, manufacturing, production, transportation in long distances and storage to keep a higher grade and longer shelf life of the items, as well as to reduce contamination and minimum damage to the retail food source.

In Peninsular Malaysia and to Singapore, we as the responsible providers with integrity identify the demand for reefer trailers and trucks and offer cold room facilities for various industries items, including fresh daily produce, seafood and pharmaceuticals medicine. 

The demand for reefers and cold chain is rising due to an increase in personal consumption throughout the region. To make sure our clients are satisfied with our wide scope of job, we undergo constant improvement in all aspects. We will upgrade and use specific evaluating systems, management reports and equipment with top technology features in handling our written plans. Besides, we always monitor our inventory manually, assessing and focusing on our operations as well as delivery so that the items can reach on time.

In addition, due to the change and influence of leading global digitalization and e-commerce multinational giants center like Alibaba and Amazon, based on new statistics data, it showed a significant growth of the international market for online shopping which directly helped to boost manufacturers and business provider financial profit and gain value for the owner’s business in the local supply cold chain logistics industry.

Since then the timeliness of perishable food resources requires higher organizational coordination matching in all aspects of the integrated cold chain logistics.

We learn as we grow based on our previous processing jobs or project experience by thinking in a critical way to handle operational steps with proper setups to achieve a high level of standard. Our worker helps our clients by taking initiatives to participate in additional discussion with managers to assist customers. They have spent hours for the planning of strategy and fulfill administrative work required so that they have a clear understanding of your requirements. By solving all problems arising through communication, we make sure they have the skills and abilities to deliver your needs while maintaining their performance.

In summary, the operation is always related to elements such as the management of total energy cost, and efficient and effective management of operating costs is closely related to the development of the cold chain. Our company’s history has a strong reputation for many years with our current professionals that manage and provide solutions to farmers wholesalers with warehousing easily with confidence. We receive a lot of compliments and gaining trust from traditional Malaysian business owners and farmers too as they have realised we are the best by providing and completing easy and fast tasks with no hassle to their clients destination.

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