Cold Chain Logistics Support Service in Kuala Lumpur


Cold chain logistics refers to a temperature-controlled supply chain which provide able to uninterrupted temperature control services in order to maintain freshness and quality of the products from the point of slaughter and go through the network and distribution cold chain and to the consumer at the end.

A good work management and trustable cold chain logistic company will always have the policy and regulatory to ensure their cold room and refrigerated trucks are always in good condition. Also, safety is important during shipping process, regular maintenance services is our basic compliance.

cold-warehouse-storage-rentalThis will ensures that all the shipment for perishable packaging content and pharma products are safe and with high quality at the point of consumption by consumer.

So it is highly important for any main cold chain logistic company to always keep their product at the controlled temperatures to avoid any negative attributes to the products such as discolouring, textural degradation, contamination with microbial growth and etc.

The cold chain logistics company normally will provide solutions and monitoring systems for end-to-end service to ensure the freshness of the products such as fresh seafood, frozen food, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, medical products, clinical products and other materials during the transition to cold storage and cold distribution channel.

Unlike other non cold chain products, cold chain products are perishable and always need to kept in low range of temperature environment during production, transportation and storage to ensure high food quality, longer shelf life of the products and reduce food contamination or damage to the retail food source.

In Malaysia, the demand for refrigerated truck service and cold room facilities for perishable industries product, such as fresh daily produce, fresh seafood and pharmaceuticals products are rising as due to increase in personal consumption throughout the region. To make sure our customers are satisfied with our service, we are using system and equipment with top technology in handling our operations as well as on time delivery.

In addition, due to influence global e-commerce giant like Alibaba and Amazon, based on new statistics data, it shown a significant grow of international market for online shopping directly help to boost business for local cold chain logistics industry.

Since the timeliness of perishable food resources requires higher organizational coordination in all aspects of the cold chain.

Therefore the operation of the food cold chain is always related to the manage of energy cost, and effective control of operating costs is closely related to the development of the food cold chain.

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