Door To Door Delivery Service Right To Your Doorstep in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our door to door delivery service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor refers to the mode of transportation that is directly responsible for the entire transportation process of goods from the point of delivery to the receiving point. There are many international chain companies providing courier or door-to-door service in the country. There also offer free online support and live tracking system to track your parcels at home.

Good news, using a carrier service that will pick or collect goods from the consignor’s address to the place designated by the consignee or port within the timeframe, without additional money to pay or the need for the other parties to go through any other intermediate procedures.

With a flexible of logistics, it is able to import any items (big, custom or small), goods or parcel directly from the manufacturer or the point of shipment to the end of the user or cargo without any transit.

The biggest advantage of the business is help to speed up the delivery time of goods during the day and reduce return shipment cause by damage goods or shortage of goods.

As you might aware that transporting temperature sensitive goods like meats, fruits, seafood and fresh milk and etc required temperature control refrigerated trucks.

Due to the nature of goods are temperature sensitive, we will work to ship the shipments item starting from the pickup point at warehouse or cold room and then drop-off at destination storage area with a fully temperature controlled room or warehouse for shipment via sea.

Time is critical for some temperature sensitive products. In order to maintain the quality or freshness of the products, there will be express delivery or no stop point in between delivery.

The doors for the rented chiller truck unit will only open during the loading and unloading time for the deliveries.

Good cold chain logistic companies in Malaysia will ensure that as it is important when the truck is on the road, the cold air will always circulate within the truck and this will ensure the temperature is always maintain at the certain degree Celsius.

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