What You Should Know About Refrigerated Trucks Service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Refrigerated vehicles also known as refrigerated truck or insulated trucks in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Refrigerated transport vehicles or refrigerated trucks are new commercial system mainly used for short and long distance transportation work of easily deteriorated, perishable and easily fermented goods such as fruits, seafood and fresh milk and etc.

The refrigerated truck bodies can be made of aluminium alloy, glass steel plate and colour steel plate, depends on the user’s needs. The door can be designed as a rear double door or a side door. We buy our trucks from dealer of Ford, Isuzu and Hino.

The difference between a refrigerated truck and a general bonded truck is that the refrigerated truck is equipped with a refrigerating unit and the sealed compartment is made of high-quality insulation material.

Our full line of refrigerated units for refrigerated trucks, vans and trailers are divided into two types namely independent and non-independent refrigeration units.

For non-independent refrigeration vehicle, it will use the power of the truck engine to start the refrigeration units and the temperature in the cargo compartment can be automatic adjusted according to the products. This helps to maintain high quality of the product when deliver.

Whereas the independent refrigeration unit model must be equipped with a separate battery and diesel engine in order to start the refrigerating unit.

Compared with the non-independent refrigeration unit type, its refrigeration performance is much better, so that the minimum temperature in the matching cargo compartment can reach minus 28 degrees.

Moreover, it will not affect the refrigeration unit due to the failure of the truck itself.

The main purpose of refrigerated truck is to transport frozen goods, refrigerated and fresh-keeping transport of various meats, fish, dairy products, soy products, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables and cold drinks in supermarkets.

Good news! In view with specific industrial demand of business for temperature control transport, cooling box design transportation of medical vaccines, low maintenance refrigerate equipment, heavy duty tools, refrigerated truck service features create convenient and make easy for home based business owners.    

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