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Ice Cream Truck Rental in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We can provide ice cream truck rental service with wide flavors selection of ice cream and sweet treats for you to choose. 

Ice cream truck rental services is suitable for every type of outdoor, community or social catering services such as birthday parties, wedding party, company annual events, corporate events, customers appreciation events, family events, weddings, picnics, school events such as fun fairs and etc.

ice-cream-truck-rental-kuala-lumpurOur ice cream truck and vans are very unique and will definitely add more fun and excitement to your guests to bring home or your business event.

Beside serving wide new flavors selection of ice cream treat, we have menu for other sweet treats product like desserts, old time favourite – sundaes, soft serve ice cream cones and we can assure that we will give your guests a memorable experience.

Besides that we also provide refrigerated truck rental services for ice cream delivery from factory to retail shop, ice-cream cart or for event company who wish to rent our refrigerated truck to cater full day campaign or promotion event days with free ice cream or dessert for customer.

Our refrigerated truck temperature can be adjusted according to customer requirements between -25 °C to 25 °C. For ice cream products, it is recommended to preset the temperature between -25 °C to -18 °C.

Sometime for long distance transportation, ice cream products will put into cooler box fill with dry ice in order to keep the products in frozen state even after being transport long hour journey.

ice-cream-delivery-transportWhy rent and book our ice cream truck or refrigerated truck:

  1. We provide wide flavors selection of ice cream for selection
  2. Our trucks condition are always clean and well maintain
  3. Punctuality is part of our responsibility. We always come early before the event time to client’s event place to make early preparation.
  4. We take pride and deliver excellent services to our customer

If are looking for ice cream truck or refrigerated truck rentals for your next special event, work with our professional team that is available to assist you. We have your back.

Call our pro employee team right now to find out latest offer and information.

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What is the optimum temperature for ice-cream during the delivery and will my ice-cream products arrive in good condition?
The recommended temperature usually set in our trucks during the ice-cream transportation is from -18 degrees Celsius to – 25 degrees Celsius. If you require your products to be stored at a different temperature, kindly speak to our team to arrange this directly. Be rest assured that we will ensure that your ice-cream products are delivered in good condition.
What happens after I have submitted my enquiry?

Our customer service representative will reply your request within a few working hours to find out more about the ice cream truck rental service and transportation service that you require and arrange the details. Subsequently, once you have confirmed our service, we will issue you with an invoice attached within 1 or 2 working days.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the result?
Your satisfaction is our main priority. If you are not happy with the quality of our ice-cream truck rental services provided, please contact our customer service line at +6017-338-6867 or email us at

Our Happy Customers

“Our company manufactures homemade local ice-cream flavours for distribution to cafes and retail outlets in Klang Valley. We engaged Frio Solutions PLT’s team to provide ice cream transportation service to our customers. We are happy with the level of service provided so far.” – Jackson Han (Business Owner)

“Frio Solutions PLT provide efficient and on-time delivery service for our gelato products to our customers in Selangor. Their staff are all well trained to handle our frozen food products”  – Ms Lee Lee, Operations Manager

“I am a supplier of ice-cream to retail supermarkets and have been recommended to Frio Solutions PLT by other fellow business friends. They provide prompt delivery and reliable service.” – Madam Chang, Manager

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Office Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm, Sat 8.30am - 1pm

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Office Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm, Sat 8.30am - 1pm

Trucking: Daily

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Office Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm, Sat 8.30am - 1pm

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