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We are one of the main cold chain logistics companies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. In the market, global company like DHL which have wide network and distribution able to provide solution. However, in this new era, there are many providers can add more solutions such as air/sea freight service, warehousing etc.

Cold chain logistic is the provider that give work solutions and management of flow of temperature sensitive products from origin to destination (any part in the world) using rated temperature control refrigeration unit.

Cold chain logistic company that run the business by providing low temperature environment beginning from production, storage, transportation and consumption and also ensure food quality and content is maintain high throughout the cold chain logistics.

The most important art and thing in cold chain logistics is the temperature control during transportation.

The temperature monitoring is controlled by a thermostat. The long-distance transportation is usually equipped with a GPS temperature monitoring system, and the temperature change can be seen in the office in real time. Generally it is a refrigerated truck or a freezer.

However, during the transportation process, the driver often shuts down the refrigeration equipment in order to save fuel, which causes the goods to deteriorate, especially in the refrigerated transportation of medicines, which is the most dangerous. The operations required safety shipping for health and pharmaceutical product.

The temperature is generally tracked by a temperature recorder and the full temperature is recorded for real time monitoring.

There is growth in cold chain logistics infrastructure not only food sector, pharma industry which need a lot of resources, facilities and technology.

We have log events and systems based on customer‘s requirement to help for continue monitoring of the temperature throughout the transportation journey.

The cold chain logistics for ice or food sector begin from supply procurement. It is usually procure the resource products from farms such as fresh milk, poultry, vegetables and etc.

After harvest the products, the products need to go through a pre-cooling process to make sure the products is still in fresh condition.

The factory to do processing or packing could be located some distance from the pre-cooling area. So there is a need to arrange an inbound logistics to transport using refrigerated trucks.

After packing, the products need to keep in the cold storage or warehouse to ensure all packed products are still keep fresh and in view that they remain in good quality condition.

When the delivery time is ready, the last job for the transporter to load up the products from cold storage/warehouse or cottage industries using refrigerated trucks and deliver to end customers at retail, restaurant, home based business or supermarkets.

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