Integrated Cold Chain Logistics Service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our integrated cold chain logistics service in Kuala Lumpur, Klang and Selangor refers transporting of any temperature sensitive products such as poultry meat, frozen meat, fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits and other product through supply chain network that are always kept in a low temperature environment. The process start from the products are harvested from and to the end consumer for consumption.

The common mode of transport for cold chain products is to manage short and long distance within KL, Bukit Tinggi, and other parts of Peninsular Malaysia using refrigerated trucks.

With new development, cold chain transportation will be refrigerated cargo ships and refrigerated air cargo which can handle further distance outside of Malaysia by air using cargo plane or by sea using cargo ship. This provide convenient cold chain logistics solution to export to any country in Asia.

The advantages of the cold chain logistics industry

Good news! We are one of the best cold chain logistics companies in Kuala Lumpur that is able to provide effective management and maintain the food quality during transportation for various Sdn Bhd companies and does not affect the nutrition and taste of food, and able to keep the food for longer period of time.

Secondly, cold chain logistics is very efficient and support food transportation between different regions is very convenient and therefore food is still fresh when shipped to your customer destination.

Thirdly, we use high tech refrigerated facilities. Frozen foods require a complete and integrated cold chain logistics that are able to fully control and monitor the temperature. This will work automatically trigger an alert if the temperature has change during transit. It is added value to have events job log to monitor the shipment with our system.

From a microscopic point of view, the realization of the common distribution of cold chain logistics can improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics operations, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and save a lot of capital, technology equipment, land, manpower and so on.

Companies can concentrate on managing core business and operation jobs, help manager to promote the growth and diffusion of the company, expand the market scope, eliminate the closed sales network, and build a coexistence and sharing environment instead of being busy to search and manage the company’s cold chain logistics in-house.

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