Forwarding Agent Services in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our team has experience providing forwarding agent services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that act on behalf of client to help on all the paperwork and shipment document such has custom declaration and apply for clearance process, issuance of commercial invoice, export and import duty tax, marine insurance and etc.

We are a well established company located at Klang with many years of experience to offer transport for refrigerated or cold truck transport services within all port at Peninsular Malaysia to many Sdn Bhd and international companies.

Over the years of good management, we have also expanded our refrigerated truck services to abroad country like Singapore. We are looking forward to expand our business worldwide with more international shipments and freight forwarders service.

We provide logistics, forwarding agents service and one stop hassle free shipping solution and product shipping tracking log for all our customer for cross border refrigerated truck services to and from Singapore. Hence you only need to find, search and deal with our company for all your logistic needs.

When dealing with cross border trucking services, our customers have many concerns and factors to consider including price, the type of goods, the size of goods, and the urgency in which the goods need to be delivered.

We always listen and care for our customer’s needs. Therefore our job is to provide very flexible and cost effective services.

We offer this 2 services below:

Less Than Truckload (LTL) 

We provide shared load services with other customer. This is shared container where customer only needs to pay the space in the the truck that you need.

This type of LTL service very ideal for customer wants to ship in small quantity and affordable price.

The disadvantages of using this type of service is often take longer time to deliver to their destination due the truck is making multiple stop for other customer.

If the customer has an urgent need to deliver the goods, then customer might consider our Full Truck Load services.

Full Truck Load (FTL) – For customer who don’t want to share load with other persons.

and delivery time cannot be delayed then it is better to use our Full Truck Load service.

Besides that customer can consider to use our FTL services if customer wants to deliver high risk goods despite it is small load because it will be less chances to damage the goods and faster delivery time.

Good news! If you are looking for air or sea forwarder, work with us! Please call us now for more information regarding forwarding agent services or fill up the online form to request for a free new quote.